Toffee Almond Chocolate Semifreddo

I’m a big fan of semifreddos. They are the perfect answer to homemade ice cream for those that don’t own an ice cream maker. They’re super easy and a great make ahead dessert. Even though I do have an ice cream maker I find that I veer towards semifreddos a lot more than traditional ice … Continue reading

Chocolate & Coffee Semifreddo

Semifreddo is an Italian ice cream dessert which¬†literally translates as “half-cold” and is basically a partially frozen ice cream. I really enjoy the texture which is softer and more mousse like than normal ice creams and unlike traditional ice cream, semifreddos have the added advantage of not requiring¬†an ice cream machine. Whilst I do own … Continue reading

Cinnamon Ice Cream

As much as I love ice cream I prefer to have it as an accompaniment rather than as a dessert on it’s own. Having said that I like nothing more than a scoop of gelato or a cone of ice cream if I am out and about. But for dessert at home I like to … Continue reading