Zia Sonya’s Gnocchi

As I mentioned in my last post my brother-in-laws aunt makes wonderful gnocchi and at a recent family dinner she kindly taught me just how she does it. Gnocchi has always been something I’ve found hard to master, they either  turn out like rubber bullets or are so soft they break apart in the water. Zia Sonya’s method … Continue reading

Mini Pommes Anna

I’m always searching for new ways to make potatoes. As much as I love them roasted and mashed it can get a bit boring. Pommes Anna is a traditional French side dish of potatoes which have been very thinly sliced, coated in butter and then neatly layered in a skillet where they are first cooked … Continue reading

Perfect Oven Chips

The search is finally over. You can now safely throw away your deep fat fryers, oil thermometers and vats of vegetable oil because you won’t be needing them any longer! Behold the glory of the perfect chip AND it’s made in the oven! Now lets face it who doesn’t like hot chips – crispy exterior, … Continue reading

Traditional Fish Cakes with Tartar Sauce

Sometimes it’s nice to have a fish supper that’s a little different to the usual baked, fried, or roasted fish fillet but coming up with new and innovative ways to prepare fish is challenging. I’ve realised however that there are a myriad of classic fish recipes I’ve yet to explore that fit this bill perfectly, … Continue reading