The Easiest & Tastiest Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb

I should have published this post a week ago in time for anyone searching for lamb recipes  for Easter Sunday lunch but if you’re anything like my family then you probably eat lamb pretty regularly and not just at Easter. Our fondness for lamb has me constantly on the look out for new recipes, especially … Continue reading

Perfect Easy Roast Duck

A lot of people think of duck as a difficult cut of meat to cook at home and roasting a whole duck in particular seems to cause a lot of anxiety. But in actual fact roasting duck is very simple and straight forward and given  its high fat content very forgiving as far as cooking times … Continue reading

Zuni Cafe’s Roast Chicken

A while ago I published a post titled Thomas Keller’s Perfect Roast Chicken. I love it for it’s ease and simplicity and it’s been my go to roast chicken recipe ever since. But I decided I needed to do some further testing to see how Thomas Keller’s roast stood up to other hot contenders for … Continue reading