Delicious Spinach Gratin the Easy Way

As much as I love eating spinach I don’t like all the tedious washing involved to ensure it’s grit and sand free. My normal method for washing spinach is to fill the sink with plenty of cold water, take all the spinach leaves off the stem, place them in the water and give them a … Continue reading

Gozleme – Spinach & Feta Filled Savoury Turkish Pastries

If you live in Sydney, Gozleme are something that you’ll be familiar with as they’re cooked and served at just about every local market. It’s common to see stalls manned by white-scarved Turkish woman rolling out pastry, stuffing them with a variety of fillings before griddling them to golden brown perfection. Our local Saturday market … Continue reading

Warm Spinach Salad with Roasted Onions, Tomatoes and Chorizo

We’ve recently fallen into the habit of having a steak dinner on Sunday nights and of course along with that comes the inevitable question of what to serve alongside. I’ve previously posted these steakhouse side dishes and they’re both great but unfortunately I suffer from “I-can’t-make- the-same-thing-twice-in-one-year” syndrome which can make menu planning very onerous. … Continue reading