Homemade Portuguese Custard Tarts

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like Portuguese custard tarts – flaky crisp pastry and just set silky custard are a winning combination. They are dangerously addictive and nothing beats a warm tart fresh from the¬†oven of a good Portuguese bakery. I’ve never been tempted to bake Portuguese tarts as I didn’t … Continue reading

Rockpool’s Date Tart

The iconic date tart served at legendary Sydney restaurant Rockpool was originally created by Lorraine Godsmark and whilst Lorraine has long since departed Rockpool to start her own Patisserie (where she also sells this date tart) it’s still on the menu at Rockpool and I couldn’t imagine ending a meal there without it.¬†There’s a good … Continue reading

Individual Smoked Trout & Herb Tarts

I love tarts of any kind; sweet or savoury, large or small. I particularly like individual tarts as they make such a lovely first course. The variations for fillings are endless but one thing I do prefer is for the tart to be more creamy than eggy, if you know what I mean – a … Continue reading