Pasta with Tomatoes, Sausage & Cream

I know this sounds like an obscenely rich combination but funnily enough it doesn’t strike you that way when you eat it. The cream does add a lovely luxurious richness to the the dish but some of that heaviness is alleviated by the acidity of the tomatoes. In any case it’s just plain delicious and a … Continue reading

Asian Beef Short Ribs Braised in Soy & Beer

Beef short ribs are a wonderful cut for long slow braising and up until now the main way I’ve cooked them is in a standard braise of red wine along with the usual vegetable suspects of carrots, onions and tomatoes – totally delicious and wonderful paired with pasta, polenta or mash. But beef ribs are … Continue reading

Kick-Ass Texas Style Beef Chili

I used to think that chili was, well, just chili – some mince, a couple of spices and a can of beans. Oh how wrong I was. There’s a whole world of different chili’s out there, all with their own set of methods and rules.  Yes, rules. Fierce debate around beans or no beans, mince … Continue reading

Braised Borlotti Beans with Sausages & Poached Eggs

This recipe, which was featured in a recent Donna Hay magazine, is utterly delicious and as we ate it for dinner on a cold winter evening we both thought what an awesome brunch dish this would make, paired perhaps with some spicy Bloody Marys. It’s quite quick to throw together with the only tricky element … Continue reading

Beef Cheek & Taleggio Cannelloni

This is a spectacular baked pasta dish and whilst it’s not something you might whip up on a weeknight, it’s definitely worth the effort for a special meal or if you’re entertaining on the weekend. For me this meal started out in two phases and I think when it’s tackled this way it’s much easier. … Continue reading

Classic Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff has been around a long time, and by long, I mean since the 1890’s. The dish originated in Russia but quickly became popular in the West, especially in the 1970’s when it was a dinner party standard. It seems to have gone out of fashion since then which is a shame because it’s … Continue reading

Beef & Red Wine Pie with Sour Cream Pastry

The days here in Sydney are getting cooler and it finally feels like autumn has arrived. I for one am quite looking forward to crisper days and the slow cooked braises and stews that come along with this time of year. This pie is a great dish to make on a cold and dreary day … Continue reading

Thai Grilled Beef Salad – Yam Neua

This is one of my favourite Thai salads.  It has so many different levels of flavour and texture – tender grilled meat, large handfuls of fragrant mixed herbs, crunchy shallots and cucumbers all topped with a spicy dressing that’s sour, sweet, tangy and really delicious. If you use lean steaks it’s virtually fat free so … Continue reading