Malaysian Laksa – The Cheats Way

Laksa is a spicy curry based noodle soup that’s very popular is Malaysia and Singapore, not to mention Sydney where die-hard laksa fans are always on the lookout for the best laksa vendor. Making an authentic laksa from scratch can be a time consuming exercise and sometimes the craving for a laksa can hit you … Continue reading

Spicy Prawns with Angel Hair Pasta

This recipe is a bit of a mish-mash of cuisines; it’s part South-East Asian, part Indian and with the pasta element, part Italian. A little confused I admit but it’s quite addictive. You could limit it’s culinary passport somewhat and replace the angel hair pasta with noodles or rice but Italian pastas have a different, … Continue reading

Traditional Fish Cakes with Tartar Sauce

Sometimes it’s nice to have a fish supper that’s a little different to the usual baked, fried, or roasted fish fillet but coming up with new and innovative ways to prepare fish is challenging. I’ve realised however that there are a myriad of classic fish recipes I’ve yet to explore that fit this bill perfectly, … Continue reading

Mustard Roasted Fish

My husband recently went on a fishing trip with some friends and came back proudly bearing four enormous kingfish fillets. Thankfully they scaled, gutted and filleted the fish they caught before bringing them home otherwise I might not have been as happy to have them. It’s the first time I’ve eaten fish that’s been caught … Continue reading

Hot Crab Dip – A Great Snack for Super Bowl

This is another appetiser that’s very quick to throw together and with Super Bowl just around the corner a perfect snack to add to your party table. Hot, gooey and cheesy this dip is a real crowd pleaser. I normally serve this with thinly sliced and toasted baguette but any firm cracker will do. It’s quite rich … Continue reading

French Mussel Bisque

Traditional French bisques, especially seafood ones, can be a complicated affair. But Ina Garten has created a wonderful rich French style bisque that is brimming with flavour but you won’t need to spend the whole day in the kitchen to make it. Using mussels and retaining the briny juices released as they cook gives the … Continue reading

Rosemary Stuffed Rainbow Trout al Cartoccio

Rosemary and fish might seem an unlikely combination but it really works.  I ordered this dish at a local Italian restaurant and liked it so much that I recreated it at home the next week.  Al Cartoccio simply means food that is wrapped in a parcel and then baked.  This is a great way of … Continue reading