Mar 19, 2014

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Palak Paneer – Indian Spinach & Cheese Side Dish

This might not be the prettiest dish in the world but it sure is one of the tastiest. I can’t resist ordering palak paneer anytime we go to an Indian restaurant and if it’s not on the menu, chances are I won’t return. I always imagined that palak paneer would be a difficult dish to […]

Feb 12, 2014

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Okonomiyaki with Sticky Soy Pork Belly

Okonomiyaki, which basically translates to “as you like it”, is a savoury fritter like pancake that’s sometimes referred to as the pizza of Japan. The similarity being the round disc shape and the fact that you can basically put anything you fancy into an okonomiyaki. The batters and toppings vary from region to region but […]

Jan 15, 2014

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Slow Braised Chickpeas with Cavolo Nero

It’s nice after all the excesses of the festive season to post a vegetarian dish that’s certainly hearty enough to have as a main meal but which I also love to serve as a side dish. It does contain a small amount of pancetta but it can easily be omitted and I must say this […]

Sep 11, 2013

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Heston Blumenthal’s Macaroni & Cheese

I recently watched a few episodes of How to Cook Like Heston where Heston Blumenthal takes one ingredient every week and showcases it in a number of recipes. I viewed the episodes on eggs, chocolate and the one this recipe is from, cheese. They were all fantastic programmes with lots of interesting information and tips, […]

Jun 28, 2013


Mini Pommes Anna

I’m always searching for new ways to make potatoes. As much as I love them roasted and mashed it can get a bit boring. Pommes Anna is a traditional French side dish of potatoes which have been very thinly sliced, coated in butter and then neatly layered in a skillet where they are first cooked […]

Feb 26, 2013


Kookoo Baghali – Persian Broad Bean and Dill “Frittata”

Kookoo is a Persian baked or fried egg dish not dissimilar to an Italian frittata or Spanish tortilla. There are many different varieties with most of them being vegetarian, the only meat based kookoo I’m aware of is one using minced lamb (kookoo goosht). This kookoo using broad beans (fava beans) and dill is one […]