Pork Braised in “Milk” with Sage & Polenta

Braising pork in milk is a traditional Italian method of cooking pork that results in meltingly tender meat. This recipe deviates a little from the classic version by using a combination of creme fraiche and stock instead of milk, hence the quotation marks in the title above. Using a mixture of creme fraiche and stock … Continue reading

A Baked & Glazed Ham for Christmas

Baked ham is somewhat of a new addition to our Christmas table. I only started making it a few years ago when my husband received a gift of a beautiful organic picnic ham, and I’ve been addicted ever since. There are so many recipes out there for baked ham, with all different kinds of glazes … Continue reading

Braised Borlotti Beans with Sausages & Poached Eggs

This recipe, which was featured in a recent Donna Hay magazine, is utterly delicious and as we ate it for dinner on a cold winter evening we both thought what an awesome brunch dish this would make, paired perhaps with some spicy Bloody Marys. It’s quite quick to throw together with the only tricky element … Continue reading

Japanese Katsu Curry

 The Japanese have a fondness for curry which I find quite bizarre not only because it’s not indigenous to their cuisine but it seems so at odds with the very clean and precise flavours that Japanese food is known for. We’re not just talking any curry either but the real old fashioned tasting curry.  The … Continue reading

Spicy Pork Goulash

This is a recipe from the Jamie Oliver At Home cookbook and it’s a real keeper.  It’s easy to throw together and whilst the cook time is pretty long it just does it’s own thing in the oven.  The original recipe calls for pork shoulder but for some reason this cut is particularly hard to … Continue reading

Mario Batali’s Sausage & Pepper Ragu with Polenta

This recipe comes from one of Mario Batali’s first books, Molto Mario.  The braising sauce becomes ultra think and glossy from the red wine and tomato paste mixture – no tinned tomatoes are used so there’s real concentration of flavour, especially if you take the time to really let the tomato paste caramelise.  Maggie Beer, … Continue reading

Smoky Barbecue Ribs – The Best Homemade Ribs Ever

There are many different schools of thought regarding ribs and the arguments about which method produces the best ribs can get very heated.  There are dry rubs, wet marinades, smoking, mopping – it can all get a bit confusing so when I decided to make some ribs for dinner my head was reeling with information … Continue reading

Sausage & Black Bean Chilli with Baked Eggs

  The inspiration for this recipe comes from the popular Mexican breakfast, Huevos Rancheros.  As I was serving this for dinner I wanted to make the vehicle for carrying the eggs more substantial than the traditional tomato sauce used in Huevos Rancheros.  I thought a spicy sausage and black bean chilli would work well with … Continue reading