Mar 15, 2016

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Persian Baked Chicken with Saffron & Barberries

I must confess that this baked chicken is not a traditional Persian dish but rather my own invention.  When I’m cooking a Persian meal for a large crowd I like to serve a variety of Khoresht (meat based stews) along with Persian steamed basmati rice and I often feel that a poultry dish of some description would […]

Feb 9, 2016

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Kookoo Goosht – Persian Meat Frittata

Kookoo are a popular Persian meal or snack and are best described as a kind of Frittata. You can get a vast variety of different kookoo, one of the most popular being kookoo sabzi which is made with copious amounts of fresh herbs and eggs and is nearly always on the menu for Persian New Year […]

May 22, 2015


Pistachio & Rosewater Cake

A couple of months ago I was looking for a cake to serve for Persian New Year that would have a slight Middle Eastern feel to it and came across this recipe from Nigel Slater which fit the bill perfectly. This is an amazing cake, moist and so flavourful with just a hint of the exotic […]

Jul 16, 2014


Khoresht Bogoli – Persian Lamb & Broad Bean Stew

This is another one of my favourite khoresht. I adore broad beans and Persian food uses them in a number of different applications. In this slow braised stew the broad beans have been teamed with dill which is just one of those natural pairings and a match made in heaven. As far as Khoresht go […]

Feb 6, 2014

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Shirin Polow – Persian Festive Rice With Saffron Poached Chicken

This would have to be one of my all time favourite Persian meals. It’s sometimes referred to as jewelled rice because of it’s wonderfully colourful appearance and it’s usually served as a celebratory meal on special occasions such as weddings. The ingredients used in making shirin polow can vary from household to household with a […]

Jul 17, 2013


Khoresht Bamieh – Persian Braised Lamb & Okra Stew

Okra, or ladies fingers as they’re sometimes called, is a vegetable that’s not often seen outside of the Middle East/India and, strangely enough, in the Southern United States where it’s used in such dishes as gumbo. Some people find the texture a little off-putting, referring to them as “slimy” but I prefer to think of […]

Feb 26, 2013


Kookoo Baghali – Persian Broad Bean and Dill “Frittata”

Kookoo is a Persian baked or fried egg dish not dissimilar to an Italian frittata or Spanish tortilla. There are many different varieties with most of them being vegetarian, the only meat based kookoo I’m aware of is one using minced lamb (kookoo goosht). This kookoo using broad beans (fava beans) and dill is one […]