Roast Potato, Parsley & Tomato Salad

If you feel like both roast potatoes and a salad to accompany your meal why not combine the two? Unlike traditional creamy potato salads where the main ingredient is the spuds this salad is lighter on the potatoes, with the emphasis on the salad components. You’ll consume less potatoes which is a good thing given … Continue reading

Sticky Date Pudding with Hot Butterscotch Sauce

When I think of puddings, I think of British desserts. Images of  boarding school classics such as Jam Rolly Polly or Spotted Dick instantly come to mind.  I’m not sure where Sticky Date Pudding originated but Australians have made it their own and I think it would have to be one of the most popular … Continue reading

Chicken With Caramelised Shallots

This baked chicken dish from David Lebovitz is so much greater than the sum of it’s parts.  You would never guess from the short ingredient list that the finished dish could be so tasty and complex and for such little effort.   In 45 minutes dinner is on the table and better still there’s only … Continue reading

Black Label Burger My Way – The Juiciest Burger Ever

Americans take their burgers seriously. Gone are the days when burgers were just the domain of fast food joints. Now big name restaurants are getting into the act and everyone’s after the “best burger in town”, and willing to pay for it. Minetta Tavern in New York City charge $26 for their Black Label Burger … Continue reading

Red Wine Lentils

The Puy lentils of France are my favourite lentil.  They retain their shape and bite no matter how long they seem to cook for.  In this recipe red wine and beef stock are the liquids used to cook the lentils and as they reduce down during the cooking time they become a wonderful sticky sauce … Continue reading

Balsamic Lamb Cutlets

  I’m not a big fan of marinating steaks, I prefer them au natural.  Lamb however, and especially cutlets, benefit from a marinade and this recipe is one that I use often. The Balsamic and red wine tenderised the meat and the hint of honey enhances the lambs natural sweetness.  If it’s not barbecue weather … Continue reading