Shredded Chicken & Chorizo Tacos

We regularly get cravings for Tex-Mex food, particularly nachos and tacos and I’m always trying to think of variations to keep things interesting like these pulled lamb tacos.  I had a whole chicken in the fridge and decided to make a shredded chicken version.  They were really good and the filling would also be perfect … Continue reading

Sauce Gribiche

I think there must be as many French sauces as there are French chefs and just as many variations on those sauces.  Gribiche is another of those classic French sauces that’s been around forever.  It’s a mayonnaise style cold egg sauce but instead of using raw egg yolk as in a mayonnaise, it’s emulsified using hard-boiled egg … Continue reading

Spicy Pork Goulash

This is a recipe from the Jamie Oliver At Home cookbook and it’s a real keeper.  It’s easy to throw together and whilst the cook time is pretty long it just does it’s own thing in the oven.  The original recipe calls for pork shoulder but for some reason this cut is particularly hard to … Continue reading

Meatloaf Extraordinaire

Oh my, this meatloaf is GOOD!  So juicy and so flavourful, each mouthful is a taste sensation, so much so that no gravy or side of ketchup is required, none!  The recipe comes from Marc Matsumoto’s fabulous blog, No Recipes.  Marc is wary of calling anything “The Best” but in this instance he feels it’s … Continue reading

Buckwheat Blini with Caviar

 A few Friday nights ago we had some friends over for dinner.  In the afternoon I received an email from them telling me they had a tin of Russian caviar they’d like to bring over to share with us – I know, what great friends! A batch of blini to accompany them would be needed … Continue reading

Fish Curry Dopiaza

Dopiaza literally means double onions and this style of curry is one of my favourites.  The onions in the dish are separated into two lots. One half is finely sliced and caramelised and added to the curry at the end of the cooking time, which thickens the sauce and adds a lovely hint of sweetness. … Continue reading

Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Lentils

One of our favourite restaurants in Sydney is Porteno, an Argentinian restaurant that’s a meat lovers paradise.  Pork, lamb, beef and chicken are cooked on huge spits at the front of the restaurant, you can imagine how amazing that dining room smells! Funnily enough whenever we go there it’s not the meat that I look … Continue reading

Mario Batali’s Sausage & Pepper Ragu with Polenta

This recipe comes from one of Mario Batali’s first books, Molto Mario.  The braising sauce becomes ultra think and glossy from the red wine and tomato paste mixture – no tinned tomatoes are used so there’s real concentration of flavour, especially if you take the time to really let the tomato paste caramelise.  Maggie Beer, … Continue reading

Banoffee Pie

Caramel, cream, bananas – need I say more!  I’m not sure if the origins of this pie are English or American but the name is obviously derived from the toffee and banana combination.  If you’re able to buy condensed milk that has already been caramelised in the can (Nestle’s make this in Australia) then it’s … Continue reading