Cannellini Beans from Scratch with Creamy Leeks

I love any type of legume but cannellini beans are my favourite.  People seem to shy away from cooking dried beans from scratch, maybe because of the pre soaking they require.  But the difference in taste between home cooked dried beans and the canned version aren’t comparable.  Having said that I always keep a variety … Continue reading

Japanese Katsu Curry

 The Japanese have a fondness for curry which I find quite bizarre not only because it’s not indigenous to their cuisine but it seems so at odds with the very clean and precise flavours that Japanese food is known for. We’re not just talking any curry either but the real old fashioned tasting curry.  The … Continue reading

Just in Time Pumpkin Pie

Phew, made this pie in the nick of time for Thanksgiving.  My tardiness wasn’t due to the fact that I was disorganised, in fact my pie crust was made and ready to go and the filling ingredients were sitting on the counter but then the door bell rang and I remembered I’d booked to have … Continue reading

Chili Braised Brisket

For some reason we always seem to crave Tex-Mex food on a Friday night. There’s something so festive about this style of food which makes it a great celebratory introduction to the weekend.  I’ve never cooked a whole brisket before, mainly because it’s not a cut that’s commonly seen in butchers here.  It’s never on … Continue reading

Sausage & Saffron Risotto

For a recent family get together I wanted to make a risotto, mainly because I love how easy risottos are to make.  Sure there’s a little bit of prep involved and then some stirring time just before dinner but compared to a lot of meals, I find risottos quite stress free. I decided on a … Continue reading

Shredded Lamb Shoulder Moussaka

Moussaka is sometimes referred to as the Greek version of lasagne, with fried eggplant slices replacing the pasta.  It’s similar to lasagne in that there’s a ragu of minced meat which is topped with a béchamel sauce before being baked but it has a very different flavour profile due to the ragu being made with … Continue reading