Mini Pommes Anna

I’m always searching for new ways to make potatoes. As much as I love them roasted and mashed it can get a bit boring. Pommes Anna is a traditional French side dish of potatoes which have been very thinly sliced, coated in butter and then neatly layered in a skillet where they are first cooked … Continue reading

Sour Cream Walnut Streusel Cake

This cake is what they refer to in America as a coffee cake. Not because it contains any coffee but because it’s the perfect type of cake to have with a cuppa – similar to what the Brits call tea cakes. It’s moist, light, sweet and just perfect for morning or afternoon tea. I made … Continue reading

Chicken & Dumplings

If you come from the Southern States of America then this is a dish you’ve probably grown up eating, but it’s made it’s way into the hearts and plates of people all over the States, and for good reason – it’s darn delicious and comforting, a warm hug on a cold night. If you’ve never … Continue reading

Caramelised Shallots

There seems to be a lot of confusion between countries as to what a shallot is and what a spring onion is. Australia seems to have really muddied the waters by referring to spring onions (the long thin allium with the white and green sections) as shallots, which is the opposite to most countries. But … Continue reading

Coconut Cake

A couple of weeks ago it was my niece’s birthday and she requested either a coconut cake or a coconut cream pie as her birthday cake – too many episodes of Gilligan’s Island I think! I dismissed the idea of a coconut cream pie although that does sound rather delish and opted for the coconut … Continue reading