Chicken Matzo Ball Soup

There’s a reason why chicken soups are sometimes referred to as Jewish Penicillin; you can literally feel it’s restorative powers with every mouthful. And chicken matzo ball soup is the daddy of all Jewish soups. The key to a great chicken soup is of course the broth and no skimping and purchasing of even the … Continue reading

Thai-Style Prawn, Chicken & Corn Cakes

These delicious little morsels are perfect to serve with drinks or as a starter to an Asian dinner. I prefer them to Thai fish cakes as they don’t have that spongy texture that Thai fish cakes are known for – these fritters are meatier and have a satisfying crunch. The batter can be prepared ahead … Continue reading

Banana Cake with Caramel Icing

We’ve all had banana cake and most of us have had a go at making it too. Whilst it’s delicious and moist it does’t really hold too many surprises, and as far as cakes go it’s normally relegated to being a mid morning or afternoon snack. But this version turns up the volume and transforms … Continue reading

Beef Cheek & Taleggio Cannelloni

This is a spectacular baked pasta dish and whilst it’s not something you might whip up on a weeknight, it’s definitely worth the effort for a special meal or if you’re entertaining on the weekend. For me this meal started out in two phases and I think when it’s tackled this way it’s much easier. … Continue reading