Cinnamon Ice Cream

As much as I love ice cream I prefer to have it as an accompaniment rather than as a dessert on it’s own. Having said that I like nothing more than a scoop of gelato or a cone of ice cream if I am out and about. But for dessert at home I like to … Continue reading

Foolproof Blender Hollandaise

¬†Butter based sauces such as Bernaise and Hollandaise are great recipes to be able to perfect but they can be tricky to get right. For years I battled with split sauces where the butter and yolks separated and even worse, when due to excessive heat the eggs curdled and scrambled. A lot of effort and … Continue reading

Chicken Chow Mein

When I was growing up in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Asian grocers and ingredients were hard to come by outside of China Town. Sure most neighbourhoods had the obligatory Chinese restaurant but finding the raw materials wasn’t so easy and that Asian ingredient aisle in the supermarket just didn’t exist. One day a new … Continue reading

White Chocolate & Almond Cake

This recipe is from Nigella Lawson’s Summer Forever cook book and it’s lovely. I haven’t for some reason made many of Nigella’s sweet dishes which is a shame, as the times I have, they’ve always come out very well. This cake is no exception. The white chocolate is quite subtle but with the addition of … Continue reading

Perfect Oven Chips

The search is finally over. You can now safely throw away your deep fat fryers, oil thermometers and vats of vegetable oil because you won’t be needing them any longer! Behold the glory of the perfect chip AND it’s made in the oven! Now lets face it who doesn’t like hot chips – crispy exterior, … Continue reading

Beef & Red Wine Pie with Sour Cream Pastry

The days here in Sydney are getting cooler and it finally feels like autumn has arrived. I for one am quite looking forward to crisper days and the slow cooked braises and stews that come along with this time of year. This pie is a great dish to make on a cold and dreary day … Continue reading