Corned Beef with Parsley Mustard Sauce

Corned Beef is often viewed as being an old fashioned retro dish which is a shame as it’s actually a delicious and warming winter meal.  The cuts used for corned beef differ from country to country.  In Australia, silverside is the cut most often found at butchers and in the States it’s brisket.  Both are … Continue reading

Persian Poached Garlic Chicken with Rice

I’m calling this Persian because it’s something my mother would often make for us growing up.  I’m not sure how traditional this is or if other households eat a similar dish but many meat and poultry dishes in Persian cuisine that are cooked to accompany rich rice (polow) dishes are cooked very simply, as this … Continue reading

The Ultimate Apple Tarte Tatin

This recipe comes from the Martha Stewart’s Pies & Tarts cookbook that was first published in 1995.  It’s my sister’s signature dessert and she makes it better than anyone including, I think, Martha!  The secret to her success is to cook the apples in the caramel for a very long time.  Martha stipulates 20 minutes … Continue reading

Pâte Sucrée à la Martha – The Best Shortcrust Pastry

Martha Stewart, the doyenne of cooking, styling, homemaking and everything in between is the person I turn to for anything pastry related. Martha’s done a lot of amazing things in her career but for me the highlight was the original 1995 publication of Martha Stewart’s Pies and Tarts.  I believe she’s recently published a new … Continue reading

Roast Duck Breast with Orange Cranberry Sauce

Many people are intimidated to cook duck at home but in fact it’s one of the easiest game and poultry dishes to tackle.  Unlike chicken which needs to be completely cooked through but still remain juicy, duck can be served medium or medium rare.  I prefer the breasts to be pink and the legs to … Continue reading

Guinness Lamb Shanks

This recipe is from Jamie Oliver’s latest TV Series, Jamie’s Great Britain.  On the show he refers to these as Persian inspired lamb shanks with ale.  The night before Jamie had dined at a Persian restaurant in Leeds and came up with this recipe – he’d also visited an ale factory the same day, hence … Continue reading

Salmon with Braised Zucchini & Chorizo

We try to eat fish at least once a week, but out of all the proteins I struggle with cooking fish the most.  Finding new recipes and ways of cooking fish can be a little challenging and once I’ve found a recipe that appeals we have it quite regularly.  In trying to break the habit … Continue reading

Sausage & Black Bean Chilli with Baked Eggs

  The inspiration for this recipe comes from the popular Mexican breakfast, Huevos Rancheros.  As I was serving this for dinner I wanted to make the vehicle for carrying the eggs more substantial than the traditional tomato sauce used in Huevos Rancheros.  I thought a spicy sausage and black bean chilli would work well with … Continue reading