Gyoza – Japanese Meat Filled Dumplings

It’s rare for me to make Japanese food at home on a regular basis as it’s a cuisine that we prefer to go out for, so this being the second Japanese recipe in just over a week is pretty unusual. But there are, in my opinion, two types of Japanese cuisine; the highly technical food … Continue reading

Essential Kitchen Tips

Being a whizz in the kitchen doesn’t only mean being an innovative chef. Organisation, classic recipes and cleanliness also play a part. A kitchen is the hub of a home, so being on top of things will have an effect on the smooth running in the rest of your household. Read on for top kitchen … Continue reading

Chicken Teriyaki

 The term teriyaki actually refers to a method of Japanese cooking where food is first marinated and then grilled whilst being basted with the marinade which usually consists of soy, sake, mirin and sugar – “Teri” meaning lustre or shine and “Yaki” meaning to grill. There’s good reason for it’s enormous popularity, especially for people … Continue reading

Warm Spinach Salad with Roasted Onions, Tomatoes and Chorizo

We’ve recently fallen into the habit of having a steak dinner on Sunday nights and of course along with that comes the inevitable question of what to serve alongside. I’ve previously posted these steakhouse side dishes and they’re both great but unfortunately I suffer from “I-can’t-make- the-same-thing-twice-in-one-year” syndrome which can make menu planning very onerous. … Continue reading

Traditional Fish Cakes with Tartar Sauce

Sometimes it’s nice to have a fish supper that’s a little different to the usual baked, fried, or roasted fish fillet but coming up with new and innovative ways to prepare fish is challenging. I’ve realised however that there are a myriad of classic fish recipes I’ve yet to explore that fit this bill perfectly, … Continue reading

Baked Fig & Mascarpone Tart

This gorgeous tart by Karen Martini is the perfect dinner party dessert. Despite its appearance and the combination of ricotta and mascarpone, it’s actually very light and not overly sweet. I made it recently when some friends came over for a mid-week meal and it went down a treat, even with the non-dessert fans at … Continue reading

Finger Lickin Barbecue Chicken

Unfortunately summer is slowly winding down in Sydney with today being the official start of Autumn so we’ve been trying to barbecue as often as the weather allows. We tend to mainly grill red meats such as steak, lamb and pork but for some reason we often over look cooking chicken on the grill, especially … Continue reading