Khoresht Bamieh – Persian Braised Lamb & Okra Stew

Okra, or ladies fingers as they’re sometimes called, is a vegetable that’s not often seen outside of the Middle East/India and, strangely enough, in the Southern United States where it’s used in such dishes as gumbo. Some people find the texture a little off-putting, referring to them as “slimy” but I prefer to think of … Continue reading

Individual Smoked Trout & Herb Tarts

I love tarts of any kind; sweet or savoury, large or small. I particularly like individual tarts as they make such a lovely first course. The variations for fillings are endless but one thing I do prefer is for the tart to be more creamy than eggy, if you know what I mean – a … Continue reading

Malaysian Laksa – The Cheats Way

Laksa is a spicy curry based noodle soup that’s very popular is Malaysia and Singapore, not to mention Sydney where die-hard laksa fans are always on the lookout for the best laksa vendor. Making an authentic laksa from scratch can be a time consuming exercise and sometimes the craving for a laksa can hit you … Continue reading