Oct 25, 2016


Pizza Crackers

Perfect Party Appetisers - Pizza Crackers

For me this time of year always heralds the start of the festive season – between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year (not to mention a lot of family birthdays sprinkled around these dates) there’s a lot of entertaining taking place in the next 10 weeks, yep 10 weeks! Having a few delicious appetisers that can be whipped up quickly and easily is very handy and these pizza crackers fit the bill perfectly. I like to make a couple of different types – some spicy with a scattering of salami for the adults as well as plain tomato and cheese. These crackers are made using very thin flat bread or wraps, the thinner the better. The bread is simply spread with pizza sauce, herbs and parmesan before being baked until crisp. These pizza crackers have the added bonus of being super light so even if you eat a fair few, and it’s hard not to, they won’t fill your guests up too much before the meal.


4 sheets lavash flat bread or wraps, the thinner the better
 cup tomato or pizza sauce
3 tablespoons Italian seasoning or a mixture of dried oregano, thyme and marjoram
4 teaspoons sugar, or to taste – the little extra sweetness from the sugar makes these crackers particularly tasty
Crushed chilli flakes, optional
80g very thinly sliced pepperoni, optional
Freshly grated parmesan cheese


Preheat the oven to 200C. Place the bread on a flat surface. Cover with a thin layer of tomato sauce. Using a medium-mesh strainer, sprinkle with the sugar. Then, sprinkle the dried herbs, crushed chilli flakes (if using) and Parmesan cheese. If you are using pepperoni place them on the bread in a single layer before topping with parmesan.

Pizza Crackers Pizza Crackers Pizza Crackers

Using kitchen scissors, cut into squares or rectangles. A pizza wheel would work fine too. Transfer to several baking sheets lined with baking paper. Bake for 10-12 minutes until the flatbread is slightly golden and slightly hardened. Remove from the oven and let cool until firm.

2 thoughts on “Pizza Crackers

  1. Where do you find your lavash flat bread? I love them but can’t find them where I live.

    • Hi Becky, I buy these super thin wraps from major supermarkets in Sydney. The recipe will work with thicker flat bread/lavash bread too but make sure that that you separate them into two halves – a bit like you would do with pita bread. Hope you try the recipe and report back.

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